Taramps BASS 15 k

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Operation class Class D
Number of Channels 01
Maximum power @ 14.4 VDC – 1 OHM: 15000 W RMS
@ 14.4 VDC – 2 OHMS: 8505 W RMS
Input Sensitivity 280mV
Signal to Noise Ratio >95dB
Frequency Response 8Hz – 250Hz (-3dB)
Crossover high pass (HPF) 8Hz to 30Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Crossover low pass (LPF) 60Hz to 250Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Bass Boost Parametric, Freq.: 35 to 60Hz / Boost: 0 ~ +12dB
Efficiency 80%
Input Impedance 22K Ohms
Protection system Output Short / Short on output relative to GND / High and Low Power Supply and Thermal protection
Min. Supply Voltage 9 VDC
Maximum Power Supply Voltage 17 VDC
Consumption at rest 400mA
Maximum music consumption 651A
Maximum consumption in sinusoidal signal 1302A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.37″ x 2.79″ x 21.42″

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